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We recommend reading these instructions before proposing a new card. Proposals that do not comply with these instructions can not be                             published

  • Search: First, search for the card that you would like to propose;
  • Nickname: Do not use offensive or inappropriate names;
  • Copyright: Use only your images or make sure they are able to publish them;
  • Categories: Offer brands of shops, including local ones, that use a loyalty card with a bar code. Other types of cards such as associative, religious, political, documents, etc. will not be considered.;
  • Image: Select quality images and resize brand logos and colors                             or that are also significant for other users in our community. Use the following dimensions: 960x366 pixels or 640x244 pixels we suggest you to use the photo of the store's facebook profile;
  • Publication: Publication will take place after a short review process.The proposal may be                             refused if it does not meet the above requirements;
  • Cancellation: Proposed tiles can be removed from the app without notice                             brand demand or copyright infringement on images;

We thank you for observing these instructions in order to get a quality result for you                         all our community! Thank you.