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Are you ready to switch to our digital cards?

Register your business, you can use the service for free up to 10 digital loyalty cards.

Choose a starting template!

You can customize the card with your logos and colors

Need help? CONTACT US.

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Indicate how you will manage the expiry dates of the cards

Card duration

The duration of the card starts with the first use. Recommended choice: unlimited duration.

Type of digital cards

Passfacile manages 3 types of loyalty cards.

You can change the type of card even later.

Stamps card

Adds a stamp at a time, ideal for homogeneous products such as coffee, haircut, car wash, etc ...

Points card

Allows you to upload points based on the amount spent in the store. The Expense/Points report can be selected and edited in the account section.

Credit card

Each card can be used as a prepaid card, charging or scaling the credit every time you make purchases. Eliminating the rest problem can be used as a Gift Card or to anticipate remuneration in advance of a discount for its customers.

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Business information

These data are necessary in order to activate the service. Enter a valid email to be able to ensure correct functioning as it will appear to your customers in communications

Choose the access data for App and Web:


Your privacy is very important to us and you must know that your data and those of your customers will not be disclosed to third parties, before continuing we invite you to consult our [Privacy Policy] and the [Terms of Service]

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Privacy reference

Link privacy

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